Day 1:

A super cold morning but thanks to a dose of window cleaner and a Posca pen the event is up and running!
Two great visitors to start the morning, interested and interesting. Lots to share about art and the institution and alternative approaches to exploring our place in the world through practice, process and collaboration
Thanks Carlos  & Jacob

Thanks to Sam who kept me company through the afternoon and contributed multi-coloured arrangement.

Other top visitors...3 x lovely fine art students and 3 x MA design students who happily 
took selfies through the sculpture...hope to have those via email to post please lads!

I also met the very interesting Jazzman John Clarke...check him out here:
Look out for his latest poem as part of group of poets commissioned for work based on glyphs! He can also be found at Madisons Express Cafe on lewisham Way, London

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