Welcome to the mapping collaboration project, a participatory exhibition by Yvette Sullivan and Caelli Jo Brooker that examines creative collaboration and the values of working together. The exhibition will be held in February 2015 at 310 NXrd...

Day 4: More interesting conversations, contributions and support for the event today. Wonderful to see some familiar, inspiring faces ...thanks to Simon and Helen for their 6 mile walk to share their time and thoughts today! 
Also a real treat to have a visit for Juri and colleagues from Rotterdam. So pleased you all made the effort and brought so much to the discussion. 

I hope to have the stop motion up by the end of the week and have some more thoughts once I have digested the event more fully. 

Big thanks to everyone who participated with presence,  time, energy, support and feedback. A great space thanks CAL & Goldsmiths!!

Day: 3 The rhizome analogy struck a chord this morning with a fellow Aussie. Thanks for dropping by Lisa, great to meet you and I also look forward to reading the Ecological thought!

Finn, Mali and Isla added some energy to the place as did Penny’s  therapeutic chenille stick inspiration….and as always supportive Britta making sure the kids are in touch with art practice

Deepak  and Andrae shared their own work in the field of design and environment inspiring and exciting collaborative work going on. Looking forward to seeing more on the educational resource scene.

Liam and Cher also provided some contrasting perspectives on contemporary art but open and contributing. I hope we helped to fuel the debate.

Jayney and Shauna brightened the afternoon with their colour additions and engaging conversations too…thanks to all who visited today.
Day 2:  More interesting people visiting today despite the rain. The place is definitely looking more colourful!

A big thanks to Greg and Lily for international perspectives and giving their time to the project. Great to meet Tanya too and hear about her re engagement with education through the her Masters degree.
......Also thanks to Cafe Creme for such a super hearty warming soup :)

Day 1:

A super cold morning but thanks to a dose of window cleaner and a Posca pen the event is up and running!
Two great visitors to start the morning, interested and interesting. Lots to share about art and the institution and alternative approaches to exploring our place in the world through practice, process and collaboration
Thanks Carlos  & Jacob

Thanks to Sam who kept me company through the afternoon and contributed multi-coloured arrangement.

Other top visitors...3 x lovely fine art students and 3 x MA design students who happily 
took selfies through the sculpture...hope to have those via email to post please lads!

I also met the very interesting Jazzman John Clarke...check him out here:
Look out for his latest poem as part of group of poets commissioned for work based on glyphs! He can also be found at Madisons Express Cafe on lewisham Way, London

Set Up:

Perfect Free parking spot to unload, not a plaster wall in sight and a printers right across the way! What more could you ask for for an event set up!! 
a catalogue
for the exhibition

Please feel free to download a PDF copy of the Exhibition Catalogue via the link below... 

mapping collaboration... a collaborative exhibition

310 NXRd...
the gallery space

310 NXRd is a permanent exhibition/presentation/performance/event space, located on New Cross Road. The Centre for the Arts and Learning manage this space with a view to supporting research led social or creative practices of the community. The space of 310NXRd enables Goldsmiths students, alumni, staff and the wider community to communicate, share and sustain practices and pedagogies that they have developed. 
The 310 NXRd page on the Goldsmiths website

The Mapping Collaboration exhibition on the Goldsmiths Calendar

Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW, UK

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